Remember My Forecast For The Weather Forecast?

After being thoroughly reassured by several folks that it’s going to calm down next week, it is, with great regret, I have to announce the hurricane I predicted was right. I should’ve put a few bets on, could’ve covered the cost…  
When we checked it out online today our jaws dropped in shock when we saw the wind speed for Monday will be TWENTY SEVEN mph, I said TWENTY SEVEN… Which means 30mph round here. Makes my stomach churn just thinking about it…  
No more speculation required. 5th December is by far the worst of the 5 day forecast. I mean even 20 miles an hour last Saturday would’ve been a slight breeze in comparison…  
On a personal note, it’s not like we go round looking for drama – it just seems to follow us around. Or even precede us of it’s own accord. As you probably know, it’s that word PLAN that sets the ball rolling downhill. In fact come to think of it a plan doesn’t even have to be in the making at all…
As I’ve said to the folks at Mercia Marina, “just watch for a boat going in with the crane toppling in on top of it – that’ll be the one.”

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