Hoisted Back In At Mercia Marina

It started off so well, Tuesday 6th December, there we were at 9am prompt, boat present, crane present, so as usual we were a bit late.


Things hadn’t got off the ground as such – so we didn’t miss anything. But it wasn’t all plain sailing (excuse pun). Where’s the balancing beams??? Up to this point we thought all was well even without them.

Watch your head matey…





Lift and separate…


What the hell were they doing lifting a boat right next to that – in a wind…?


Dave’s reaction as she was swaying towards the boat shed and gently bounced off it. Me? I just froze…


Second attempt…


And we have lift off…












Afloat again…!


Back where she belongs. But this is what we found in the kitchen when we went on board. We suspect it happened either when she was tipped up on a very odd angle the first time they attempted to lift her out. (Yesterday’s post). Or in transit, in terrible weather…

We were gutted, just like the kitchen, it was trashed, and look how far the fridge freezer had moved…


Glass mixed in with food and broken pots everywhere, under the cupboards was totally jammed. One half of a jagged glass even ended up in the bedroom…!


So the first time we went on board at Mercia we were both in deep shock, but who’s fault was this? We asked the guy in the crane, “not our fault, must’ve been done in transit.”

We didn’t even bother ringing the haulage company because they would’ve just blamed the crane driver(s). Wouldn’t care, but we’d packed everything away and taped doors / drawers up just like you’re supposed to.

Note: The crane hire covered insurance for lifting in and out, the transport company covered insurance for transit. So they’re onto a great deal there between them aren’t they? No proof who’s to blame, so neither is responsible, the customer has no come back.

In summary to this sorry tale, I’d advise anyone having a boat lifted out and moved somewhere else to check it after it’s put on the lorry. Sod elf and safety, get a ladder up there. Then check it again before it comes off the lorry. If there’s any damage at any time, take photos with a time stamp and sue their asses off…


I can´t even show you the photo of our three door wardrobe that ended up across the bed. I just can’t. One of the doors is glass too, fortunately it’s all intact. But Dave had to get help to put the whole thing back in place.


To be fair it was only when we got things in perspective later on, we realised it was all cosmetic. In the meantime I was in tears and spent the rest of the day removing bits of glass from every nook and cranny. Couldn’t be helped it got trodden through the whole boat…

That was our welcome to Mercia Marina…

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