So where was TT overnight…? The obvious clever answer would be “between the two marina’s somewhere.” Or “somewhere between Lancashire and Derbyshire.”
Well yes, but one of our friends here told us she was actually delivered to Mercia Marina at about 4pm on the same day she was lifted out. So at least she was secure even if she was a mess inside…
Blimey, the driver must’ve had his foot down to get there before dark. First of all we were told he couldn’t drive any faster than 30 – 40 mph. Then he said he’d be doing up to 50mph, would that be with an emergency stop perhaps? Hmm I wonder…
Anyway the kitchen now looks like it should…
A far cry from what we found when we walked inside on Tuesday…
After we’d sorted all that out, we went off and found ourselves a nice pub for some grub, then an early night – FAST ASLEEP…
Since then we’ve spent the last couple of days running round doing sack loads of mundane stuff. And today we tarted up the boat with Christmas lights inside and out, she might be a tart, but she’s sophisticatedly subtle…
Right, so before I go off to write my Christmas cards out (the list has been slashed this year). Here’s a couple of photos I’d forgotten about…
First of all a pretty sunset photo I took yesterday from our mooring…
And secondly a pretty spectacular rainbow taken through the car window on the way down here, it’s not often you can see exactly where they touch the ground…
PS: Going along with the title of this blog post, I’ve changed my mind, can’t be assed doing them there Christmas cards now…

4 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hi DC,

    Glad about that, putting loads of photos in one post can be difficult for a slow internet connection to display.

    Couldn't help myself! Altho I did make them a bit smaller than usual for that reason 🙂



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