Settling In?

So we tried to remove duck tape residue off the boat today and gave up. It was used in transit to batten down the front screen – without battens as it were. Later on I posted my sticky situation on Facebook and got some extremely helpful replies indeed. Except for Paul who just couldn’t help himself from throwing in “a flame thrower” as a solution – told him we’d try it tomorrow…

We also met the Pier Representative today, a very nice lady indeed, she came round for a natter and the mandatory cup of tea. [Good job we bought some new cups since we got here then] Tesco specials – if you bought a set of 4, you got 3 for the price of 2. If you bought a set of 6 you got 2 for the price of one. If you just stood and thought about it without reaching for anything off the shelf, spontaneous combustion was imminent…

Anyway, after our little chat we were a bit disappointed to hear that the plans to start the pub / restaurant, shopping mall, swimming pool, spa, and gym have been delayed for so long, people are seriously doubting all the hype… It was one of the reasons we moved here…

Turns out all the boaters want is a clubhouse, which is a great idea for social events, but they´ve they’ve been refused, several times… When we secured our mooring, WE were told the spa / gym etc were DEFINITELY going ahead…

Right, I’m off to help Dave sort out the “Top Up” TV problem – we haven’t got all the extra channels we pay for, and UK Gold (the best channel on TV) has disappeared too…

In fact nothing’s gone right since we got here really, our expectations are realistic, we’re under no illusions. But if there is a god GIVE US A FLIPPIN BREAK…

PS: Still not done the Christmas cards…

4 thoughts on “Settling In?

  1. Hi Chris & Debs

    As you might have guessed by now, WD40 has been mentioned, along with a flame thrower & meths to drink so we won't notice it lol

    And just to add to this serious subject, Dave wants to try Gin on it.
    He also wants me to knit him a woolly scarf… Thing is I don't know how to knit even tho I am a nit :=) Turn out more like a holy scarf with a warmth factor of minus 17 degrees. How the hek did I get onto this subject when we started off with WD40?



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