Bouncing back?

Got things in perspective now, takes a lot to press depress me, so yesterday was an exception. One thing though, we’re not keen on this mooring, it’s too isolated and the car is about 200 yards away!
Imagine a vision of us teetering all that way down two piers (joined in the middle) on Thursday, with all the shopping, in that hurricane we had… Just to make things worse there´s a set of very dangerous steps to go down made of small pebbles and slimy wood. Yes, I slipped not gracefully down them and nearly fell in the water. Meanwhile two bags of shopping flew everywhere.
Why did we move here…?
We’re off out to the “Green Man” pub in Willington tonight for a meal. It will be interesting to find out if the landlord is indeed GREEN…
I´d normally walk there but for some reason my back is killing me…

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