Settling in – the sequel

There’s a “right place” for everyone here. We just didn’t get it “right for us” first time. Imagine walking down worn out steps towards the water with no lighting, (where I fell on my bum). Then, walking down to the end of two straight piers, almost towards the middle of the marina. With gale force winds and being surrounded by open water on both sides, it was a nightmare.
Might suit some folks, but not us. Hence yesterday’s second relocation,, after the first relocation, since we left the previous location…
Also the numbers on the mooring we abandoned were 12 and 13, that’s THIRTEEN, hmm…
Note: For anyone who hasn´t read my boaty blog, the “lux con” refers to the stern of the boat, where there´s a, well,  “luxury conservatory”  of sorts…
So we sat outside in the lux con this morning surveying our new kingdom, when all of a sudden Dave says “Hang on a minute, that’s Steve’s boat over there isn’t it?” After getting things in perspective we realised it was actually his pier, and our eyes weren’t deceiving us after all. Thing is, we still can’t get our heads round what’s where (takes a while on here).
We must’ve driven right past his boat (in ours) yesterday without us even realising. I wouldn’t care, but we’ve been round there before – in the car of course, so that’s my excuse for loss of bearings, or anything else for that matter…
I’ve worked out that “as the crow flies” their bow is about 75 yards away from our back end. However going round there by car is a good quarter mile, which in effect means it would be quicker to go by boat, how often (or not) can you say that…?
Not to worry, I’ve come up with the answer that doesn’t involve walking on water or learning sign language at all. We’ll just build a nice foot bridge across from here to there and we’re sorted…
PS: I finally got my Christmas cards done last night, yes the Christmas spirit has arrived. The lights have been up on the roof for ages, (well a few days). But the spirit arrived a bit late due to too much farting about with important stuff that gives you brain-ache. And that’s just the cards…

2 thoughts on “Settling in – the sequel

  1. We have a similar situation with out friends house and our boat at Burton Waters. We can see their house from our mooring its not very far across the lake, but to walk or take the car means going all the way around the private residential part of the complex. Its about a mile!! Needless to say we either take the boat across and raft up to their boat or take the dinghy across.

    Same with the chinese restaraunt. Its about 30ft away from our bow but its a bloody long walk down the pontoon across the car park and back down the parade of shops!!



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