Special Visitors

Our son Liam, his wife Maddy and baby Ryan are arriving on the 23rd. {They live in Germany} Can´t wait to see them!
So we’ve booked them all into a hotel in Derby with a family room for a couple of days, then we´ll all go “up north” to my parents on Christmas day. That’s when it’s our turn to stay in a hotel, blimey it’s complicated – but worth it…!
I took some photos yesterday afternoon of our mooring at Mercia Marina, something we’ve noticed is that there’s a fair number of double moorings taken up by just one narrowboat – all over the marina…
So believe it or not there’s a narrowboat on either side of us – but with an empty mooring between on each side. Which means the sun streams through the windows, even in winter…
Very nice even if it’s bl**dy freezing outside…
Or it could be that they were all alerted to the fact that we were on our way round, and shuffled about a bit before we got there…
This is the gap that we get away with, anywhere, anyway…
View ahead of us…
Yep, think I like it here…

3 thoughts on “Special Visitors

  1. Trust you to notice, tomorrow I've set it to cycle through every shade of red as the day goes on. A bit like Christmas lights..

    Really it's all about sun, angles, & exposure, but I know you know that lol



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