Ten Pin Bowling Aboard TT

Our son arrived yesterday, {MASSIVE HUGS} he´d decided to drive here! Maddy and Ryan are travelling by plane.
Guess what Wii were doing last night…
That’s it luv, give it some welly…
Earlier on, after defrosting the ice cube car we took Liam to “The Cherry Tree” in Willington for a meal. I’m not sure I really like that place, it’s too vast, bland and impersonal for me. Even featureless?? Oh and my medium steak was rare, so rare I could hardly see it, but never mind.

At 2am this morning Dave and Liam had moved on to playing “silly golf” and yes it was silly, very silly, because by then they’d both consumed rather a lot of beer. Dave successfully managed to tee off heading for the wrong green twice – as in the one behind him. Meantime Liam went through the whole course whilst out of bounds…
I was knackered and really needed some sleep, but it was just too good to miss, which under the circumstances is a very appropriate, descriptive word with ref to performance…
This morning (well, afternoon) we all woke up feeling a bit fragile, had no choice but to chill out for the rest of the day. Aye it’s hard work having fun well into the early hours…

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