Just Another Minor Niggle To Deal With

I’m getting a bit fed up with the alarming phrase / question I keep hearing myself say, which is: “Oh please tell me this isn’t really happening?” This afternoon we attempted to set off for our inaugural pump out and weave our way around the marina. It would’ve been a couple of firsts:

  • The first time a dumpout has been required since we got here.
  • The first self dumpout we’ve Dave’s used. Although he was taught well by the manager at the other marina, he left Dave to “do the business” (excuse) on several occasions.

But, there was also another “first” – the engine wouldn’t start… And in order to be able to carry out the first 2 firsts,, the third first had to be working.

The Glow plugs were fine, then cough, splutter, nothing. The engine didn’t even try to turn. Now what I forgot to tell you was that when we got here, when TT had been plonked in the water. Apart from all the damage inside the boat, the engine was reluctant to start. Just a minor thing in the grand scheme of shock and trauma at the mess inside…

It took Dave about 10 attempts to start her up “it’s just an air lock” he said, by that time I didn’t care because I was too upset. The engine had never let us down before, so it was like a miniscule thing at the time…
As we went round to our now ex “unhappy mooring” that day, the engine sounded terrible, it’s usually really quiet. But we could both “feel the vibes” as it were, and it had nothing to do with sweet music… By the time we got the unhappy mooring the water temp was up at 100 degrees. (What?) So Dave killed the engine, and we pulled the stricken boat in with the ropes… Just a blip? I mean it´s only the engine and this is a boat…

A few days later when we moved round to our new “happy mooring” here. The engine was reluctant to start and sounded loud again, but the water temp stayed normal. Dare we say all was well? Teething problems perhaps? We thought so – all down to being moved, shaken down the motorway and stirred back in the drink right…?

Nope, today there was nothing, except for the sound of the glow plugs and a couple of clicks. The engine didn’t even try to turn. So Dave went round to the Isuzu dealership here, and saw the heart-warming sign “CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS” on the door. Marvellous.
Next on the list was Midland Chandlers, we suspected the starter battery was flat seeing as nothing was loose and contacts were intact. At times like this Stage 1 is all about diagnosis, so we got a new battery and fitted it, Dave fitted it…

Bingo, it worked, the engine started fine, but by this time we’d missed the window for a pump out because it was going dark. So the “stress test” will a new battery be the full answer or is there more to it…? Or am I getting paranoid…? For too long we´ve put up with the TT curse, thousands of pounds spent on new tech stuff, and refitting the inside. Even the new tech stuff can fail to the point of baffling engineers…

Sod it, had enough for today,, we´re going out to the pub.

Thanks for all your helpful comments folks. If I had time to research through everything, I might even be able to build a new engine. Well no, perhaps not…

4 thoughts on “Just Another Minor Niggle To Deal With

  1. Heth,

    What about River Canal Rescue…..I am sure you can join with a breakdown?

    Hopefully the battery was it but might be worth the investment for future trouble free living?



  2. hi you two the mop here!!check your filters! thermostat also could be faulty? sounds like a fuel problem try bleeding your fuel system,could be dirt in the filters,definately wont be your starter battery that wouldnt make your engine have a high temp warning and give your engine vibration and noise,sounds like the engine was working hard for fuel starvation!


  3. Sorry Nev, no chance, we'd rather have a network of trustworthy engineers. Works out much cheaper! And such major probs rarely happen on TT, wouldn't justify the cost for us anyway.

    Dave's an aircraft engineer himself but an Isuzu 55 boat engine is a learning curve – he's got it now…

    Thanks anyway chuck 🙂



  4. For the Mop,

    Answered you personally, with much respect lol, (no really) in tomorrow's post..

    Got nowt to do with an infected fuel tank thank god



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