Our First Month Anniversary

And I forgot it… On 6th Jan we’ve been here at Mercia Marina for precisely one month. We even went out for a meal two days ago – without realising the significance!

Restaurant of choice: “The Dragon” in Willington. The meal was lovely, bit of a limited menu but never mind, the place has got character and the kind of atmosphere we like.

No blog post yesterday – hangover from hell. But,, with matches propping the eyes open I noticed this:

A beautiful winter sunset.   

Other news: We seem to have acquired a little friend at the back end of the boat. I haven’t been able to take a photo of him yet because he only comes out at night. We hear him behind us when we’re sat outside in the lux con, bang on 11pm he starts doing the “threep” thing. He’s a coot and I’ve named him Wally. Say “shut up” (no need to shout) and he does, for about five seconds…

So here’s an example coot, taken in 2010, he / she must hold the record for being the fattest coot in the world.


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