The canal boater’s happiness alphabet

A is for Appliances, this is your home
B is for Ballast to keep you well placed
B is for Bow thruster, no human with pole getting out of control
B is for Batteries
B is for Bio Friendly
B is for Bio Diesel

C is for Creativity
C is for Cassette loo to store all your poo
C is for Canal, why we’re all here 

D is for Design

E is for Ecofan, well placed, I’m a fan
E is for Energy = electric and gas
E is for engine

F is for Fixtures and Fittings, using letters C and D
F is for Fuel tank

G is for Good times out on the cut

H is for Heth health and happiness on your travels

I is for Inverter, it’s a Smart thing

J is for Just being happy
K is for Kettle, electric or gas

L is for Luxury Conservatory (optional great use of space)
L is for LED’s, saving on energy

M is for Marina to park your boat on
M is for Mobile devices

N is for Name of the boat, witty, humorous, personal, representative, apt 

O is for Oh No! Something’s not working!

P Is for Pumpout loo to store all your poo
P is for Paint job

Q is for Questions, we all have them sometimes

R is for Radiators and warmth
R is for rudder

S is for Squirrel and warmth

T is for Takey Tezey Taking it easy
T is for Tiller

U is for Under the hood sometimes

V is for Victory, where would we be without historic canal boats?

W is for Water tank
W is for Weed hatch

X is for Xmas lights, stunning and bright on the roof

Y is for Yes, I love my boat

Z  is for Zebedee, saying Goodnight…

Question of the day: What have I forgot? There’s bound to be something…!      

6 thoughts on “The canal boater’s happiness alphabet

  1. Hi Graham & Jill,

    Yep, missed that one out but the ice is already on its way. Reason why I didn't mention it is because some people who live in bricks n mortar seem to think we get cold when we're iced in on a boat – not so, it's even cosier than a house..

    Darn it, missed the S for sun out tho. Much more important that! :-)We can use the engine & get out there!

    Ahh, hope we get a good warm summer this year 🙂


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