Bathroom bother

Yes I’m not afraid to bare all problems on this blog, warts and all. With ref to the boat, not me…
So take a look at what’s happening to one half of our bathroom ceiling. For a while now the black dots were sort of brown in colour, and that was all there was to see. Then in the past 2 weeks (before the ice set in) the lines started showing where the joists(?) are. There’s another one to the right of these 3, so that’s 4 going from the middle of the roof to the outside edge of the boat. And it got so bad there’s water dripping through the round black hole shaped things.
You can also see how the oil on the wood is starting to discolour, the other half of the ceiling is fine, (from the middle to the other side of the boat) as is everywhere else. Don’t tell me, this is not good is it…??? The problem is obviously behind the wood, but what’s the cause?
This is as close to the middle as it gets…
And while I was taking these photos I noticed this above the wall cupboard, which as you can see is reflecting part of the damage (pictured above) in the mirror…
The only time we’ve ever seen anything like this before (on a much grander scale) was on a friend’s boat where the boat builder (Piper boats) didn’t fit the mushrooms to the right size.
The whole boat had black wood on the ceilings in places and when we got the guided tour the owner said “just press your finger on the roof Heth.” I did and it went right through the wood like it was wet cardboard. No lawsuit required, there were quite a few places the same!
Much of the roof of the boat had to be replaced, including some of the fit out… Then the mushrooms were rectified… It was ok after that, but what a mess at the time…
Doesn’t seem two minutes ago since we gutted and refitted the bathroom to a high standard (excuse pun). I know you’re going to mention the word “condensation” somewhere, but it only collects on the windows throughout the rest of the boat…
Well I must go, Dave’s fitting 2 extra LED’s in the saloon, with no lights on it’s getting too dark to type…! Think it’s been a longer job than he anticipated, he’s even got an LED headlight his head so he can still see what he’s doing. More on that tomorrow…
So if thrs any typos n her pls forgve…

9 thoughts on “Bathroom bother

  1. Hi Roger,

    Yep, we know the score, we just didn't expect it to deteriorate so quickly, which leaves the question why now after 3 years of nothing?

    It's gone from 3 spots on the roof to the state its in now, in 3 weeks. (When there was hardly any rain at all.)

    In fact now I'm monitoring it there's 2 more dark bits appeared next to the centre panel OVERNIGHT!!




  2. Hi Heth
    Have to agree with Roger, especially if you're getting damp running down the walls,too. On Seyella some of the spray foam was “patchy”. The guy had worked from one end backwards, but didn't check that both sides of the roof joists were thoroughly covered. In cold weather moisture formed on the bare steel, ran down the curve to the wall then down the wall. The only solution was to drop the ceiling panels and use some of that expanding foam you get from B&Q to remedy the deficiences. As to why now, don't know. Some change in ventilation patterns, maybe?
    Good luck


  3. Hi Geoff & Mags,

    Thanks for sharing your story, fortunately it's not running down the walls, even though it does drip sometimes, it lands on the “work surface” around the sink. (Can't think what else to call it).

    Yep, it's baffling as to why it's the only place & so quick to happen. There's been no difference in ventilation.

    Ah well, the TT curse returns lol
    (Been qt for too long)



  4. I am looking at fitting a log burning cooker. will I get enough hat water from the calorifier via the engine and electric to not bother with a back boiler. we have underfloor heating that runs separate from above.


  5. Hi Dave,

    I'm no expert on this but I do know a bit about it. (I think!)

    When we “retro fitted” our Squirrel multifuel stove (Dec 2010)we had the option to get one with a back boiler. But we didn't bother because we'd been told they don't work very well.

    “Go for the one without the back boiler Heth!” someone said at the time. We also had first hand advice when a friend of ours found his so useless, he disconnected the back boiler & filled it with sand! But don't take my word for it, they might work well for some folks.

    Yes you will get lots of (very hot) water from running the engine while you're out & about. And when connected to electric hook up through the calorifier. In our case the central heating comes on automatically & the water heats up then. In summer we simply set it to heat just the water & its hot within 20 mins.

    Best thing: Do some research online & get the phone number of a local engineer for advice.

    Hope this helps, like I said – a bit!



  6. Sorry, hadn't noticed your second comment, yes I think the extra insulation is a great idea, the more the better. And make sure the roof lining is away from the metal.

    Someone recommended to paint the steel joists with anti – mould paint first, before doing anything else. Sounds like an excellent idea.



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