Yesterday at 4pm

This was supposed to be rain at first – it wasn’t, the snow just moved in without a warm up act, (excuse puny pun) and it got much worse after I’d taken these…
An eerie silence descended, with not a breath of wind, all was still and quiet…
The only time all boats are the same colour, almost, they weren’t quite buried when I took these…

An hour after I took these photos of the lux con, the windows in there were completely covered…
And the sides too, this was just the start…
Later on, when everything was well and truly buried, the marina was lit up with bright white light, even though the sky was black…
This morning the snow started to thaw, and here we are 24 hours later, what’s left is turning to ice on top of ice. Stay warm folks…!
Quite ironically, I’m off inside to watch Prancing on Icicles, aka Dancing on ICE…

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