Dave filling up with water

But not in the traditional way of course. All the taps are frozen, hence the hosepipe is redundant. Which means several trips round to the one working tap using big water container thingy’s just to put some in…


And the next photo is when one of the handles fell off, did you hear him tittering? I did, and he has one of those dropping catching titters. Within the next few seconds he picked up another, the handle fell off that too. We were both helpless laughing as it gracefully slid across the jetty and tittered teetered on the edge…

You’re guaranteed a good laugh if Dave drops a clanger and starts tittering about it…


Snow swept off the jetty two days ago, still frozen on the ice…


TT’s frozen rudder down in the depths…


Spot the swan…


Ah, there he is…


Later on he came round here trying to get noticed…


So we gave him some bread with water sprayed on it, aw…


Dave also poured some onto the ice, they need water to be able to swallow properly…


Oh, and just to put the lid on things, (excuse), the poo tank is on amber alert just like the weather forecast. Thank goodness for facility blocks eh…?

4 thoughts on “Dave filling up with water

  1. Thanks for the link Dave,

    Someone on our pier has something similar, they've said we can use it, but with being new here & not being able to remember everyone's names we don't like to ask!

    It's terrible you know, we speak to everybody & then say to ourselves “what's their name, can you remember?” Answer: “No” lol

    We're starting to work out who's on what boat now, it's only a short pier too, but I'm also terrible remembering faces even! Always been the same so I've got no excuse!

    Think I might have to ask everyone to wear name badges, that would work (I think)



  2. lol, sometimes I can do the facial association thing. eg: One's a corgi & another is a walnut so shhh. Secret Nicknames help too, eg: Steptoe, Basil Fawlty etc..

    It says on that website they've got 600 more similar guides. Keen aren't they?

    Oh & another way to remember names is make them rhyme, or if they begin with the same letter.

    eg: Betty & Bob is much easier to remember than Betty & Derek.

    So after all this wonderful advice to myself tried & tested, I can safely say, it still don't work.

    Oh, I almost forgot (?) Dates & place names also go missing.

    See now your names eezy, you're another Dave, & in your surname I see a snowman! And talking of the latter the ingredient required to build one is just starting to arrive…



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