Blooming flowers & Broken glass?

Well after yesterday’s monologue of useless useful information, today is all about photos, warm and cold…
Macro Magic: Flowers in bloomers… 

And broken glass ice yesterday…
This little coot here took great delight in paddling up and down the many cracks…
Broken News of the day: All the ice disappeared overnight so we went round for a dump out this afternoon, at long flippin’ last. Got too close to the cup runneth over stage for comfort. And I saw a big “THANK GOD FOR THAT” written on the roof after the big event…
Now there’s a thing, just out of interest, would it back up in the loo or, ahem, up the pipe? We’ve been close to the edge of reasonable doubt before, but never gone beyond it…
PS: Should’ve named this blog post BEAUTIFUL BLOOMERS and A BROKEN ASS…

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