I’ve killed the shower again

Yes, I remember the last time vividly – May 2010 it was, just looked it up on the blog because it wasn’t a profound enough experience for me to remember a date and time. However it was a rather alarming event because the connector thingy fell off and turned into a hosepipe intent on drowning me…
This time was different, we knew in advance it had a problem, each time I cleaned it more of the blue bobble wotsits fell off. Those things must be necessary for direction of flow. And over the past couple of weeks “one” has had to make several adjustments simply to make it aim water somewhere in the direction of “oneself.” The best way to deal with the problem was to do an Irish jig and hope for the best:
Missing bobbles…
The last straw was when I opened the shower door yesterday and it splurted a jet of water on a 45 degree angle directly into my right eye. I won’t repeat the words I shouted at the time, except to say the air turned blue, same colour as the remaining bobbles. And my right eye turned red, so it was a colourful experience if nothing else. Why is it always me that gets attacked? Silly question…
So we went to Midland chandlers across the way there and bought another…
Fitted and ready for business, any attempts to piss me off (literally) will require a cunning plan that I’m still working on…

4 thoughts on “I’ve killed the shower again

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your kind comments, there's always something to laugh about living on a boat, erm, well there is on this one lol

    Yeh, it is the dream, we were just lucky enough to have found it.

    Kid's left home to persue their careers so it was a case of lets get out there. We're all only here once, so make the most of it! Long story, but I'm sure fate played a part somewhere 🙂



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