This can only happen on a boat

I was sat here tapping out an email this afternoon when I suddenly heard another kind of tapping. It was rather alarming at first because keys were still tapping even when I’d stopped. Upon further investigation I found myself sat next to two swans, both of which were tapping on the jetty trying to get noticed…
So I took these through the window…

Bottoms up old bean…
Knowing full well what it was all about, we got the bread out. How’s this for motion capture? And yes Mr Swan did catch it…

3 thoughts on “This can only happen on a boat

  1. Kev, the Gold award was here long before we were, might turn to bronze now we are lol

    Tyson, oddly enough the water level's gone down in the marina & the nearest lock goes uphill!! Weird. Think we might be sat on the bottom in here at this rate!



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