They’re evacuating the area already

Realisation suddenly sets in, “Oh no it’s that Takey Tezey boat where nothing’s ever eezy, it might be catching so pick up yer boats and flee…” Hmm…
To be fair there was only one narrowboat in each double berth, they’ve gone out cruising – honest…
Behind us, evacuated yesterday…
The side of us, evacuated on Sunday…
Proof, ducks have moved in already…

Swans to the left of us, ducky’s to the right, here we are stuck in the middle with you…
In case you’re wondering that’s my cover version of the brilliant song “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right” etc. Except in this case the clowns and the jokers are also in the middle…

4 thoughts on “They’re evacuating the area already

  1. It's not only the boaters that are escaping…

    Did you know that your 'followers' and 'recent comments' boxes on your blog are also now coming up as vacant, empty, gone away… ?


  2. lol, no I hadn't noticed! Not even trying to load them is it? I've seen this happen before on someone else's, it's a blogger cock up—but I've forgot what to do about it. (Typical)
    Looks like Google's gonna take some hammer, grrrrrr



  3. If only it said 'This box is intentionally blank' in each of them then at least we would know not to worry… LOL

    (no they aren't even trying to load on either my work PC or my home laptop, sorry)


  4. Ha Ha, I'd at least put a picture of a duck in there, perhaps one of those 2 that have moved in next door, quark.

    You know, sorta makes it more exciting than the blank page thing. I drew all over it anyway..

    Someone else said they'd written their memoirs on it. & another was: “I've used it for doodling on”.. Could be interpreted in 2 different ways but there ya go

    Right, I'll get on with Spogblot, see if I can sort it out. (Yeh right)



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