Towers and Pikes

Shadowy towers at Willington…
We’ve got used to the towers now, they’re like an iconic part of the skyline, we’ve also discovered that they won’t be blown up down for a long time. (As was the intention for 2013). They’ve got a stay of execution because of all the rare wildlife living in and around them,
The sun bounces different colours off them at different times of day, so I’m going to get a photo of every variation during summer. As long as they don’t go day-glow green there’s no worries…
Pike: Dave’s first catch here at Mercia and it’s flippin flappin massive…
He was fishing all day yesterday (setting up his stall) but nothing happened. Then today, the first one he catches is this humongous monster from the deep… He was in shock, and I was jumping round doing the UGGHHH!! thing. “Just take the photo eh?” So I did…
Like I said – Ugh…

5 thoughts on “Towers and Pikes

  1. Darn it, Dave's just told me it's a pike oops lol

    Will have to edit it before embarrassment sets in 🙂

    Oh don't you feel a fool sometimes!!



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