Tow Tow Tow your boat

Our friends next door are currently in the process of doing up their boat. So it was taken to a nearby boat yard this afternoon to have some repairs done. Which for the time being meant being towed…
I’ve never taken any photos of one boat towing another till today, even when we witnessed the bizarre sight of a narrowboat towing a widebeam towing a rowing boat – I kid ye not… How’s that for ass about face – twice…?
Anyway, after a slight delay while the brass band played “Rule Britannia,” the Royal Salute had been saluted and our pathetic excuse of a horn had blasted serenely. I took these from our jetty…
This is what you call “up close and personal” during a tricky operation…
And off they float into the distant (very) blue yonder…
Seems weird sat here with their boat missing. If all goes to plan (which it usually doesn’t for them or for us), they’ll be back on Friday without the need for a “backy.” So here’s hoping…!

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