Off to meet The Dragon – at Willington

Our first time out on the Trent and Mersey canal…! ON FOOT THOUGH.
This afternoon we fancied a stroll, so we walked down the towpath sporting Factor 50 sunscreen, (well I was), in the steamy heat of the sun. Our target being “The Dragon” pub for a late lunch and a drop of vino. It’s the first time we’ve walked there, and I’m sure it’s nearer than by car, hmm…
I took these photos with my phone, they’ve not turned out too bad really because the sun was so strong I couldn’t see the dam screen, it was literally a case of point and shoot…
Setting off, towards the marina’s nature reserve, the bridge beyond it goes over the canal…
Newly planted saplings, each one surrounded by thick plastic tubing to protect them from rabbits…!
From the towpath, the marina entrance…
Views of the canal along the way…
Almost there…
It really does say “The Dragon,” even though it looks more like “La Google”
View from where we were sat outside, try and imagine it without the fence post…
View of the nature reserve taken from the canal bridge on the way back…
f you’d have told me a month ago we’d be walking to the pub in searing heat and summer clothes before the end of March – I’d have laughed my winter socks off…

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