Still on the subject of eggs

Moving on from yesterdays perplexingly weird Easter egg, (which was boiled and eaten later in the day). It’s not an eggsageration to say that it led me to think about ducklings – or lack of them as yet…
Here’s a photo from a couple of years ago to remind you what they look like, ONE mum and 32 ducklings out on the cut! I kid ye not…Poor thing, we gathered she’d adopted some, must’ve had her hands feathers full…
Biggest brood in the world..?
They even tramped all over each other in an effort to get fed first…!
So has anyone seen any yet…?
If I’m being a bit previous, it’s that darned egg’s fault…

2 thoughts on “Still on the subject of eggs

  1. Believe it or not just after I'd posted this, I had a quick catch up on reading the blogs. The first one I looked at was “Free Spirit” & they had a couple of photos of little earlybirds on there!

    “Oh quack” lol



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