Change of plan

Well the original plan yesterday was to meet up with Jon and Jan, (Halfie blog), out on the towpath with their new boat “Jubilee.” Then as we were setting off Jon rang up, and Dave suggested they come in the marina to moor up next door to us in the empty (evacuated) space… So they did, it was good to see them again, Jubilee is a lovely boat…
Backing into the next pier to TT…
Moored up next door to us – good job Jon could remember where we are on the marina…!
And then after a couple of hours catching up, off they went, they still had a two hour sail to do starting at 5pm…
We’re chuffed to bits for them that after all the time spent searching, they’ve at last achieved the dream of owning their own boat…!

4 thoughts on “Change of plan

  1. lol, Not to worry Jon said they went past her on their way in. Can't see her from here tho, but we go past that row of boats they're working on when we go for a pumpout. You really needed to know that last bit didn't you?!



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