Firing on all cylinders?

For some unexplained reason we haven’t ever given the engine a FULL service till today. Well it’s never missed a beat and always been nice quiet quiet so… A nice little man from Isuzu popped round this aft and did the honours.
I was sat inside doing the ear-wigging thing (like you do) for just in case you hear something you don’t want to, like eg; “Well it needs a new {whatever} and this bit here’s knackered.”
Isuzu 55 engine while running, no that’s not rust in the bottom. It’s from a diesel experiment Dave once did whilst putting the BBQ away, he knocked a tap thing open. So we’ve now got an orange stain “down under” (in places) even though it was all mopped up…
Anyway, all was ok, (phew), just an oil change and an inline fuel filter needed replacing. Drain / refill gearbox, and a new air filter. He checked the cooling system and we’re good for minus 32 degrees. (Not really questionable but could be with our winters), now there’s a thing to consider – or not…
News of the day: There’s a widebeam being craned in as we speak which is an exact replica of TT. Paint job, width, length, doors at the front – the whole kaboosh. We only noticed because there was a rain check rain break. But it’s been peeing down since then so no photo. Blimey, what if it’s coming on this pier? It would be most confusing…

9 thoughts on “Firing on all cylinders?

  1. the missing follower mmmm!!

    I think you will find it is Gadafi Duck's Alta Ego? a certain Mr C.T.Hobbs

    (In Latin, alta ego means 'I', ego is the belief in one's self, usually an exaggerated feeling of pride and superiority over others.)

    glad you are back…



  2. Blimey Mike you're right, I've just noticed a “pending” friend request from a certain MR C.T. Hobbs.

    Nobody's ever had to ask before, very strange,, must be because I've blocked Gamaffi, it's took his alter ego Hobbs with it.
    Hence my Followers gadget wants to make sure it's ok, IT'S NOT! So I've clicked “deny” lol. This guy just gets sneakier & sneakier. How the hek is it possible to make a “shadow” ID on here & why??


    I can't believe so many peeps were taken in by him, it, they, them, whatever!


    PS: Thanks for the heads up on the alter ego 🙂


  3. Gobsmacked! Just went to CT Hobbs profile & clicked “Block this person.”

    This alter ego had disappeared from my followers list at the same time as Gamaffi did the other day.

    Followers before doing so = 62
    Followers after blocking Gamaffi = 60 (CT Hobbs went with) BUT the alter ego DID NOT SHOW UP IN BLOCKED PERSONS LIST OR MY FOLLOWERS LIST.

    Then after blocking CT Hobbs today on “it's” profile & refusing “its” Follower request:
    Now Followers = 59. So I Removed no-one & lost another one!

    I'm beginning to wonder if there's some kind of code in this “alter ego” profile…

    Gets more bizarre!


  4. There's a link here to Colin & Tina's blogger online profile:

    Or if that doesn't work, go to their blog, there's a link to their profile. (RHS)

    I searched “nb go for it” in google. It returns “”

    So it appears Colin has nothing to do with it.

    Dashboard displays C.T. Hobbs with no profile piccie provided, but it does show he has all of one friend!

    C.T. Hobbs is still a mystery.
    I'll hunt round for a link to his profile if you like. Can't get to it from my blog cos he's banned.

    H {{Baffled}}


  5. Ok, here goes:

    Go to Rose of Arden blog:

    Scroll down to followers, click see all. c.t.hobbs is in amidst those with no profile picture at the end. Hover mouse over the empty icons to see names. Click on his icon & a profile page appears. His one friend is M.

    I gather if this person was following mine & is following Mike's that he's following a few of the blogs.


  6. I didn't need the help, I am a whizz with computers and I was searching for them to add them to my blog roll as I get regular emails from them about their travels so their name isn't a mystery to me at all. Obviously.

    All the best for the future.


  7. Well, I've sent a direct message to ct Hobbs asking for ID.

    I can see from my blocked followers list he / she has one friend too. But it's not M on mine!

    It's someone with a profile “Mike & Maggie” as the friend.

    Will wait to see if I get a reply.



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