Noughts and Thoughts

I’ve been working on a friend’s laptop all afternoon, so todays blog post consists of:
Can you compute that? I can’t either. But there is visually inspiring content here to make up for it:
This little coot stands on the back button thingy of this boat, and this boat only…
Every day for about half an hour preening himself…
I reckon with all that rummaging around he’s got nits, I mean there’s not half an hours worth to go at really is there…?

3 thoughts on “Noughts and Thoughts

  1. re Coot;

    Once he has checked for unwanted passengers and carried out any structural repairs to his feathers he then has to coat everything he can reach with the Coot equivalent of hair gel.

    Must look stylish after all, not to mention waterproof, much like you boaters hauling out and getting the bottom blacked every couple of years.


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