Day Dreaming?

Having just arisen from the dead bed this morning, still bleary eyed and unable to focus properly, I sat outside in the lux con to eat me Bran Flakes. It’s quite pleasant today, the “rain rain’s gone away” (temporarily) and that big fireball thing in the sky is out and about. Which makes it 24 degrees in here, so breakfast “out the back” is the norm when the sun’s out. In fact living out the back is the norm when the sun’s out…
So imagine my surprise when I saw two swans on the roof of a boat… At first I thought I was still asleep, still caught up in that dream where I was bringing a Boeing 747 in to land. (The captain was intoxicated, the co-pilot was smoking weed, and one of the wheels had fallen off).
After establishing I was actually awake, (pinch – OW), the camera was grabbed to obtain proof that after all of five minutes, sunstroke wasn’t to blame either…
“Nice place for a nest dear?” “Well I’d prefer a grassy bank.”
008 - Copy
Well that puts things in perspective then. Meanwhile, back aboard the 747, I wish I could remember what happened after the gearstick came off in my hand. I was confident enough to land the dam thing, would’ve been nice to see it happen…
While we’re still in dreamland, yesterday, whilst peeing down and blowing a gale:
Aw, Bless…

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