About that goose with the umbrella

We went for a walk round the nature reserve on Friday aft, and discovered this protective mother goose…
Think there were three little babes under there under the brolly of her wings…
We were quite surprised because daddy was doing the protective thing too, but stopped hissing while I took several photos. None of which were good enough to post except this one. Perhaps he wanted them to be t’internet stars?
So, as you do after a walk to a nature reserve, the next stop is the pub… Off we went down the towpath and as soon as we did, the heavens opened. But we’d got that far, so continue we must – without a brolly for ourselves…
It was nice to be able to help a couple who’d just moored up in their boat to find the village for supplies. We must’ve sounded like we were experts on the area, nay, even locals who’ve lived here for yonks, but we’re not,, makes you feel good though. Although I did mention it was much easier by canal – no sat nav required and all that business, so perhaps it gave us away – in fact it did, but who cares…?
Anyway, we started off in “The Dragon,” just us two, and met up with the crew next door later on at “The Green Man” for some loverly pub grub, and to put the world to rights in an extremely silly way… It’s just occurred to me that the names of these pubs might sound totally absurd – but they’re real, honest…
So today Dave’s fishing off the bow. Earlier on I heard a right old goose fight going on behind me. I ran outside JIC it was worth a photo – with phone in hand, because it was all there was to grab at the time. But the dam thing had switched itself off and gave me the dreaded BLUE FINGER SCREEN, just like Windows XP used to do. The little git…
By the time I’d grabbed the real camera this is the best I could get:
The goose family defending themselves from possible intruders…
The babes are bright yellow and really cute till they grow up, shame I wasn’t quick enough juggling equipment with system failure…

One thought on “About that goose with the umbrella

  1. Hi Jaq,

    Had to copy & paste your comment! Because flippin “delete” & “publish” are next door to each other on new this new Blogger interface thing. I keep doing that by mistake.

    So Jaq says:

    Hi Heth,
    Lovely picture of the mama goose sheltering her babes.

    I love the pub names. They make me wonder why it was chosen and if there is any history in it. As a witch, the Green Man is quite appealing! Bars in America seldom show such creativity in their names. Except one that my father used to frequent called the Half Way House. It was half way to ours.

    Had to republish cos of the pub names. I know of one in Lancashire called “The Half Way House.” Bit of a trek to get to now though lol.



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