Yesterday was a gorgeous day, there’s a wonderful poppadum phenomenon occurs on a marina when it’s lovely and the sun actually shines like it´s supposed to. The whole place turns into a scene from a Woodstock festival. Peace love and happiness dude…
Basically, people laze around on the back of boats in groups of several or more, (that’s when a widebeam’s lux con turns into a wonderful social space). Laughter and music can be heard all around, and everyone gets blotto. In fact the booze starts flowing around lunch time and continues till sunset…
Talking of sunset, I took these photos last night, not bad considering I was p*ssed as a fart at the time…
As for this guy here, well he said in an interview it was the best laugh he’s had in ages…

3 thoughts on “Woodstock

  1. Wonderful photos Heth.

    So looking forward to finishing the mortgage, selling up and making the transition to a liguid lifestyle, both on the canal and in the bottle (it sll sounds glorious).

    Keep up with the blogging.




  2. Hi Pete,

    Ahh, I remember that situation well! Hope everything works out for you. The transition from bricks n mortar to having your own boat is never eezy. But worth it 10times over when you get there!

    Just added your blog to my list 🙂



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