Boat maintenance of a different kind

One of the things you have to deal with when you’ve got a luxury conservatory is treatment of a disorder that occasionally happens. So Dr David got to work on this today…
Before, front LHS…
Before, front RHS…
After a few months a bit of mildew appears in spots. But only at the front, beyond that steel bar near the front screen… (The bits of tape you can see hold up LED lights).
The rest of it remains unscathed…
AFTER the treatment has worked, LHS…
And RHS…
Phew, that was hard work…! No to be fair I was cleaning inside, honest…
So we’re off out to the pub tonight to celebrate the “Spick and Span” effect…

2 thoughts on “Boat maintenance of a different kind

  1. Thanks Pete,

    Even better, we met up quite by chance with our next door neighbours there!! It was when Sarah was headed for the loo we noticed. Really needed to know that didn't ya?!



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