So how long is yours then, hmm??

There’s been a discrepancy going on between Dave and me for some time now re: how long it is how long TT actually is? In the 600 page “tech and spec” book it says 55ft, perhaps someone was having a day of confusion when they printed it off. I’m sure it’s 57ft…
In fact, it gets even more confusing when you consider we were moored next door to a 60 footer at St Mary’s, and from back end to back end, bow to bow, the top bit of our bow stuck out a bit further.

And there’s more,, when she got plonked on the back of the extendable lorry, the driver wasn’t too happy with how far her back end was sticking out. Yet they knew the dimensions, from Dave – he’s so modest…

So, on average, does this look like a 57ft widebeam to you…?
Sollom Fav Spot (66)
Sorry, I meant this one…
Couldn’t even get the bow in there either. Going for a dip in a diving suit, whilst fiddling about with a wide angle lens doesn’t appeal.
Ahh, there it is, or isn’t as the case may be – taken yesterday…
009 (2)
And jic you’re interested, today we’ve got golf ball size hailstones and a 90mph wind…
So the question of the day is: Do they measure the darn thing from the tip of the bow to the stern. Or is it just what’s sat in the water, or is it calculated using some kind of mind numbingly boring algorithm…??

9 thoughts on “So how long is yours then, hmm??

  1. It depends how accurate your builder was I suppose.

    Ours is 23ft at the waterline (hence S23) but is 25ft length overall by the time you take account of the bow rails and stern drive.

    How long we call it depends where we are because most sea ports have a cheaper rate for boats under 25ft 🙂


  2. Very good Heth you found a Wilderness boat then… LOL
    Now imagine going up the Thames in one of those, talk about a cork floating in a swimming pool!!
    Oh what fun it was ROFLMA


  3. Now then, now then guys this was supposed to be an extremely serious blog post indeed, & you've gone & spoilt it. Humph…

    So about them there biscuits being half price Mr Kev?

    It's not necessarily a laughing matter when it all boils down to size is it? And um, if it has got a boil on it, there's a problem to ponder on.. Ow.

    From a seriously silly H


  4. You, Seriously Silly… surely not?

    But you're Barking Mad if you think I'm gonna buy back the biscuits we brought over on Sunday!!! ROFLMAO

    And as for telling us they were available to BOGOFF, well my flabber is well and truely ghasted 🙂


  5. The size of a nail is of no consequence, it depends on the size of the hammer.

    But we are talking about boats – Jim Shead says

    TAKEY TEZEY Built by LIVERPOOL BOAT CO. – Length 16.76 metres (55 feet ) – Beam 3.04 metres (10 feet ) – Draft 0.55 metres (1 feet 10 inches ) Metal hull, power of 55 BHP. Registered with British Waterways number 513401 as a Powered. Last registration recorded on 20-Apr-2012.

    TAKEY TEZEY II Built by LIVERPOOL BOAT COMPANY – Length 17.4 metres (57 feet 1 inch ) – Beam 3.7 metres (12 feet 2 inches ) – Draft 0.6 metres (2 feet ) Metal hull, power of 55 BHP. Registered with British Waterways number 516500 as a Powered. Last registration recorded on 11-Apr-2010.

    You choose.


  6. Greetings, Meester.

    Well about that hammer,, no I won't go there..

    Now the thing is, I've checked Jim Sheads already – but he's only got his info from same place we have – except we've got the book version. So it's the same on a computabob server somewhere in the ether.

    And TT2 has been renamed to “Witch One” & re-registered as such. They were going to call it “Witch Craft” till we pointed out it would be shortened to the unsavory abbrev of WC.
    And even after they'd changed it to WO we all still called it TT2 anyway…

    And, (another and), TT2 / WC / WO whichever, is up for sale now anyway. (That's a long & epic story I could bore you with but won't).

    So back to the original qu, where do they measure from & to? We're now looking at it seriously being 60ft (well I am).
    The nearest boat to us is 57ft & TT's bow (still connected to the rest of the boat) goes beyond it.
    From both boats being lined up same at back.



    PS: Take care of your hammer & nail, useful tools need careful attention :-O


  7. mmmm… With maths like that it's a good job you're not the Chancellor otherwise we would be in a mess… LOL

    BTW did you enjoy your trip to Derby today? Please note that the sunshine was arranged just for your visit as a special treat 🙂


  8. Kev, you wouldn't believe it, we went there for my first appointment with a spoecialist & the sat nav took us to the wrong flippin hospital!!!! Remember how I was singing a sat naff praises?!

    Anyway we eventually found the right one, (late & made to wait) but never mind.

    Yep, Derby is defernately nicer then Burton, at least you can still see the countryside wherever you are!

    Then again tomorrow's post tells you all about the farting about we had to do later…. Humph

    Couldn't make this shit up could I?



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