Tossing caution out the window

Well it can’t be thrown “to the wind” because there isn’t any…

Now what did I say about blistering HOT weather setting in because we’re stuck here with a boat that won’t move, hmm??? Perfect cruising weather for us “fair weather boaters” for the rest of the week. It was so predictable…

But faulty boat electrics come first, I’m beginning to wish the darn thing was gas powered, with a rudimentary, dynamic system of pulleys and cogs as a steering column…

Anyway, out of desperation we’ve come up with a plan. It’s a bit naughty depending on the diagnosis, but we’ve got past caring. So after the electrician’s been and done his stuff, even if we have to wait for parts, {we’re going to ask permission} to go out there on the cut anyway. Not far though…

I said to Dave:
Do you mind going out with a steering column that’s making a noise louder than the engine? “Nope”

Do you mind going out with a steering column that lies about engine temp and not charging the batteries? “Nope”

Do you mind if it blows up on the way? “Nope”

Well that’s settled then, Dave’s outside polishing his mushrooms, first time since September but never mind…

PS: I hope Ian the electricIAN (apt name) will say “oh go on then” {permission to move granted} we’re not far away if your steering column melts…

6 thoughts on “Tossing caution out the window

  1. LOA is length overall as in tip of bow to tip of stern. LWL is loaded waterline length as in length of the bit in the water.
    Marine Engineer
    NB The Manly Ferry AKA NB Caxton.


  2. Not to worry Dave there's some beefburgers in the freezer, save getting the BBQ out if nowt else..

    Our son rang up yesterday, sounded a bit worried when we told him we were going out anyway. He's in the Army RLC & said “Dad just make sure your fire extinguisher is close by”.

    There is one outside in the lux con, but the BBQ idea (bright spark) takes priority..



  3. Hi Paul,

    Hmm, similar to LOL. Anyway the first one (real one) sounds much better when trying to impress one's fellow boaters.

    As for the latter well I'll be damned if I'm setting off down that jetty again to find out the waterline.

    Didn't half get some funny comments yesterday. What ya doin Heth?
    Welll, just checking the marina's got the length of the jetty right…

    [Just added Caxton back to my link list, you'd disappeared for some strange reason.]

    So the burning qu is why do you want to change the name?? (Inquisitive not nosy – honest)



  4. Hi Heth

    We arrived in the UK late March and took delivery of Caxton. Before that we lived in Manly which is a suburb on Sydney's northern beaches. It is very famous in Australia for its beach (miles better than Bondi) and The Manly Ferries which connects the northern beaches to the city. We thought it would be a cool name for the boat, problem is now that we have seen Caxton the sign writing is fantastic, so we may just leave it as is.
    Make sense?


  5. Hi Paul,

    Yep, makes perfect sense.

    First of all, I know I'm going back a bit thru the archives of life here, so was the nb caxton blog yours or was it the previous owners? Cos I'm sure I've been reading nb Caxton for some time! I know the URL's changed, so that might explain why I lost it?

    More info: I know of a couple of boats where people have “changed the name” written on the boat, but not officially, (still registered with BW as the original).

    This is fine (legal) provided there's a reference (small writing) to the “real” name on the boat somewhere. (Sign written in small letters on the 2 boats I can think of).

    EG; “Reg as Betty Boo” (whatever) next to the boat reg number. It doesn't have to be really noticable, but has to be there. Even when they've had EG: “Betty Blob” sign written on it.

    Both those boats I've mentioned had a full paint job done along with the signwriting of the “new name” they wanted.

    I can totally understand your reluctance to change the name because it can make a mess of things concerning the boat's paintwork.

    If you could get away with just one section where the sign writing is, & the paint colour is different to the rest of the boat like some are, that might work. But not if it runs smoothly (all one colour) with coach lines down the side of the boat like ours.

    Sorry, I might be preaching to the converted here!! Just wouldn't want you to regret it due to the paint work like you mentioned.

    I told Dave earlier about the name Manly Ferry & he already knew of it! (He's great at a pub quiz lol)

    Just thought I'd let you know (if you haven't read the blog) our neighbours (& good friends) are from NZ. So “laid back” from your part of the world, just like us 2 even if we are “pomies” lol.



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