Nervous relief

I’m waffling at the moment because Electric Ian the Electrical Wizard is here. It didn’t take him long to discover the engine starter alternator’s f*cked got a problem, even though it kept on working.  That’s what the VERY LOUD buzzing noise under the control panel is all about – sending out a “distress” message!

Blimey, when he took the control panel out it was DEAFENING. Pardon? Say again?

Fortunately we’ve got a spare starter alternator (80 amp) so he’s fitting that now…  Totally unrelated there’s also a wire somewhere that’s going positive — positive, rather than positive — negative like it should be. The latter isn’t a big deal, but he’s going to put that right too…  Sometime later:



All those theories we had too, turned out we missed that one off the menu…

So we’re off out, tatty bye…

2 thoughts on “Nervous relief

  1. I hope your expidition went well? I didn't hear the Air/Sea Rescue helicopter this evening so I guess you made it to Willington Green and the safe harbour of the Dragon for suitable emergency rations?? LOL


  2. Yep, the alternators happy, the electrics are happy, the weather's happy, TT's happy, & we're happy! Weeeeeeee

    Posted a load of photos today.

    Sarah insisted on doing a meal so we didn't meet up with a Dragon last night. Tonight it's a BBQ here at TT. And tomorro we'll go see the Dragon lol.

    Smilee H (That's Smiley not smellee)


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