Onwards and well, Onwards

With a new starter engine alternator, a happy engine, and a happy US, we set off yesterday in glorious weather. We were determined to go out either way, even if we had to go find a horse…
Hey up is that the entrance…?
TT meets the T&M…
Some sights along the way:
Now that’s what you call a personalised nesting place…
Strange shaped duck that…
And there he goes…
Straight down the middle…
Amidst the flora and fauna, I found a Heather Feather tree…
Our fellow travelling companions set off about two hours before us, Sarah had a loverly meal ready and waiting when we got there. We sat outside, it was still 20 degrees at 10.30pm! Which meant we got another hour of drinking time in before staggering back to the boat…
Hey up, “yer tea’s ready…”
So tonight it’s our turn, BBQ time and now the engine problem’s fixed, any heat source for “singeing the sausages” or “burning the beef burgers” will be from OUTSIDE the boat…

6 thoughts on “Onwards and well, Onwards

  1. Hi NC,


    Starter motor – ok
    Engine battery – ok
    Alternator that charges the engine battery (not leisure batteries) – not ok hence the loud buzzing sound beneath the control panel. It was still charging the starter battery but not enough juice going through.

    The other problem with a small wire, (positive to positive rather than positive to negative) was no big deal, just controlled a warning sensor for something else. Anyway he's put that right too.

    I totally get it when it's being explained to me – then afterwards..
    Hope that's good enough in basic terms!

    All ok now, soon as the new alternator was fitted – no more buzzing – no more warnings. And it's been fine while we're out here. That electrician certainly knew his stuff!!!



  2. Brian, we turned right out of the marina & turned in the winding hole at the Dragon & moored up close as poss, at the end of the a line of boats. So we're still between marina & the Dragon, can almost see the pub from here.



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