Blogging Bites

Well have you been bitten yet? Zoomed in on by gnats? Mithered by midges? So far I’ve counted 11 bites, big buggers too, in fact these photos are quite flattering considering in real life they look like huge boils…
Dave’s got roughly the same head count as moi, even last night at the pub everyone sat outside was scratting about somewhere or other amidst their person…
So I hereby announce the:
“Boaty Bloggers Biggest Bites” competition…
I’m particularly proud of those two below the knee that have since joined into one…
Yes, roll up, roll up, blog your own bum bumps, and bites. Size and colour will be the deciding factor. The winner can have this anti–histamine cream sat next to me,, it doesn’t work at all…
Talking of bumps, check this hire boat out from yesterday:
All seems well, but there’s boats moored up both sides down there…
Realisation dawns…
And it all goes ass about tit…
Poor guy was being taught to drive the boat by someone else, but he hadn’t got a feel for it at all. You know it’s borderline panic when the driving instructor shout’s “GO LEFT” and gets a reply of “which way’s that?” Oops…

2 thoughts on “Blogging Bites

  1. Greetings Comrade Custard (??).

    About the head count, well there was a sneaky little pun in there somewhere. As in spots & bites can have heads on them. Altho most of them had scabs..

    As for the gentle aroma or pong, well yes we do. I mean use our noses.

    Question: Do bugs have noses? And if they don't, how do they smell anything at all without one?


    From Fether


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