Different canals and their scenery: Part 2

Well we’ve just got back to the marina, and have two days to run a million errands till we tootle off out there again.
The village of Willington will be buzzing all weekend for the Queens flotilla celebrations, and we´re going to get out there on Wednesday, early. Which means we’ll probably end up about the 33rd boat down the line in order to find any kind of mooring at all. Reckon it’s the best we’ll be able to achieve even in advance of the three day booze up…!
There’s a few boats we know going, and a fair few other folks well, just going – minus boats, or they just haven’t got one. Should be a good old jolly, even though the weather doesn’t look quite as good – maybe a relief if the bugs have died off…
So anyway back to different canals and scenery: In comparison to yesterday’s photos of the Rufford and the Leeds Liverpool, here’s the T&M in all it’s glory…





Beautiful eh? But in a very different kind of rural setting as north west Lancs, we just love the big open canal, the really wide (well maintained) towpath, the trees that line the canal, but don’t encroach on it, and untouched fields beyond…
We both prefer the “natural look” as opposed to the “man made version,” however fields full of rapeseed are an exception…! And they’re at both locations here and there so to speak…
In our local area oop north, the closest thing we ever saw to the kind of canal scenery here was when we went for “A walk on the wild side.” All those photos were taken on a magical summer evening (to the point of exotic) on the RIVER section of the Rufford canal…
Anyway, back to the T&M, of course there’s always the odd exception to the rule, anywhere:
Take this for example, on the way here, well what can I say…
And this is a “gremlin tree,” swear I could see a gargoyle’s face in it…

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