Ugh, the little BUGgers

One of our friends is a nurse and we got chatting the other day about various aspects of the recent gorgeous weather, and its benefits (like you do). Then we moved onto the subject of the millions of midges about. So I showed her the bites on my legs and she said that these three were definitely mosquito bites:
Since the photos I posted the other day, the remains have gone flat and fiery RED, even though they aren’t sore anymore…
”We were out on the canal, it was infested.”
“Oh yes, there’ll be more of them near water.”
BUT, we’ve never found ourselves in the midst of a bug fest on such a humongous scale before. Not even abroad in various buggy hot climes… 
Yet, as previously stated for various other reasons we would not be deterred. Why didn’t we move further on? We did, but the invaders were everywhere, we just kept hoping they’d all pop their clogs before we did…
Mine are nothing compared to Dave’s worst one, a couple of days ago his ankle swelled up like a golf ball. 
Since then the vein’s disappeared out of sight underneath, well, this…
Gory stuff…

2 thoughts on “Ugh, the little BUGgers

  1. Well I never… I believe that this is called the 'Rufford Arm' although it can affect any part of your body.

    Alegedly it is brought about by the migration south of the 'Greater Spotted TT bird'.

    Apparently this infectious desease was not known in South Derbyshire until this summer… LOL

    Calamine lotion is now available on sale at the marina and they'll pump it into 50 gallon drums for you to collect 🙂

    Seriously though I hope you are both feeling better soon.


  2. Hi Kev,

    Sorry for late reply – did ya think I'd snuffed it eh?

    We were both ok, well no teeth have started dropping out yet.

    Perhaps we were followed, stalked by things with stalks lol



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