About the letter T

TT full of Teasels out on the T&M…

She was quite a novelty to passers by, and other boaters being as she was the only widebeam in the area. We’d already winded when this photo was taken…

But going the way we originally started out on (towards Burton). The furthest we can go is to Horninglow, where we’d have to wind in the basin because the next lock, “Dallow Lock” is a narrow lock. So that’s why not many widebeams turn right out of the marina! The way she’s facing here though, we could go on for miles and miles…

We met some very friendly people while we were out, the number of walkers, and yes even cyclists who stopped by for a chat was lovely. I’ve noticed cyclists aren’t a problem where the towpath is wide and well maintained, there weren’t many of them anyway. There’s room for everyone here…
We even had the local ambling club stop by! Let’s say they were all of a “certain age,” looking very hot and bothered. So I offered them all some cold drinks, but they insisted they were ok and would stop off at the pub further on.

Then another couple came along and couldn’t help being over-awed by the boat. Some friends of theirs had just had a narrowboat built, so we gave them the Disney Tour guided tour inside. They were gobsmacked, so impressed with the space, full size appliances, and general fit-out… Helloooo if you’re reading this…!

All the boaters out there are very friendly too, in the past we’ve come across bias(?) towards a widebeam, here it’s more like true acceptance mixed with a hint of fascination. I couldn’t believe it when a couple went past in a Josher style narrowboat and shouted “lovely boat you’ve got there.” (Twice). I honestly thought Josher style was considered “exclusive” to those who own them. [Apologies if I’ve got the wrong impression.]

We also noticed that all except two boats went past on tick over, and it was busy, (well to us it was). Even the hire boats were courteous. We’ve never really seen this before, it’s all new to us, and what it’s supposed to be all about, both out on the canal and in the marina. 

The letter R:

The Rufford was so Remote in comparison, not many passers by, very few boats (out on the canal). And outside the marina no social atmosphere in comparison, unless we went out with friends. On the Leeds Liverpool it was more frantic I think is the right word, and less well maintained – our end was…

On Sunday and Monday I posted photos about the differences in flora and fauna between the two rural canals. Today, unintentionally, it’s turned out to be all about the friendly people out on the cut…!

Well we’re back off out there later today to get a decent spot for the three day festival going on in the village over the weekend. If all goes to plan, we’re meeting up with Phil and Sally from nb Ella on Thursday. They’re mooring their boat at Mercia for a couple of days from Friday…

Sometime while we’re out, we intend to see just how far we can go with a widebeam – the wrong way, as described above…!

TT will be adorned with Union Jack bunting for the occasion. (97p for 5 metres from Tesco), could end up costly then. Ha…!

Back to the letter T for a moment, this was the temperature in the lux con this morning – in the shade:

I mean we thought 40 degrees was unbelievable, but this? In the shade? The darn thing was too hot to touch…

OH NO, what I forgot to mention earlier was that today will be yet another test drive for the engine. (Dam thing). No problems on the way out last week. But (there’s always a BUT), it didn’t sound good on the way to the winding hole. Lots of vibes between gear changes, including reverse. Most unusual.

Prop? It’s got to have something wrapped round it. So we moored up and Dave checked the weed hatch (nothing). Aha, then whatever it was flew out when we backed up right? Yeh…

I mean imagine the embarrassment, in front of a pub with a million people sat outside watching. While you wind your boat totally depending on the bow thruster. Hoping for the best – it worked, but not how it’s supposed to, and with only half the engine power…

Then on the way back (a couple of days later), it almost stalled for a few seconds while it was making it’s mind up what to do. We had no power, nothing,, nada. It was another “oh shit” situation. AND GUESS WHO WAS AT THE TILLER WHEN IT F*CKED UP AGAIN???

Dave checked down the weed hatch for crud round the prop, again nothing. But on full revs it wouldn’t go beyond tickover all the way back. No warnings, no over-heating, no sign of anything wrong. Any ideas folks…?

Bit late, we’re about to set off, but any suggestions welcome even so…

8 thoughts on “About the letter T

  1. If it is not increasing revs when you move the throttle lever then it is probably…
    Broken cable/control (Unlikely)
    Blocked air cleaner (Unlikely)
    Blocked Exhaust (Possible)
    Crap in fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel lines etc. Especially if the motor isn't run very often (Most likely)


  2. Hi NC,

    This (occasional) airhead here forgot to mention in this blog post that the fuel has been checked & was fine – no gremlins. Also, the fuel filters were changed in the service, that was just a couple of weeks ago, & they were clean anyway when the old one's were replaced.

    We're now moored out on the canal again, & everything's running purrr-fect, as smooth as a baby's bottom. (Excuse double puns). So HAD to be something round the prop, which must've freed when we backed into our mooring at Mercia!

    Lucky, lucky lucky, which is most unusual for us!

    PS: Am fissed as a part as I write this, but the facts are right. Thanks for the info hun…



  3. Has to be fuel starvation – either you've got a part-time blockage somewhere or a leak and the pumps sucking air!


  4. Hi Martin,

    I'm going to have to write this up on the blog anyway – turns out Dave didn't check the weed hatch while we were out.

    It must've been something round the prop, that got thrown out as we backed into our mooring at the marina. Dave gave it some welly deliberately.

    We're back out on the cut now & like I said above, running smooth as a baby's bum..!

    We're here for the 3 day festival at Willington. Hope the weather bucks up.

    20 degrees out here in the lux con, feels like about 5 after the gorgeous weather!



  5. Hi Paul & Elaine,

    Posted & answered this lot in all the wrong order, but never mind, explained above – all ok.

    Recent service would've picked up anything in your list. Thanks anyway.



  6. Ah – “something round the prop” – now there's another difference between the T&M and the Rufford arm!


  7. So are props in “danger of corruption” round here then Martin?

    (Sounds like a government policy put like that)


    PS: The Leeds Liv was bad too in places, but we all knew where to avoid!


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