The Secret Garden

Remember the “Secret Garden” I mentioned the other day? Well here it is, beyond the trees and surrounded on all sides by more trees. There’s also a pretty little pond in there somewhere, aww…
Dave’s particularly proud of these two photos he took of a carp basking in the sun, so I got a special request to stick them on here. [Ahem, create your own fish and maggot blog]
And finally, there’s a female duck in this little tree, right near the top! (What the..) Problem is it’s so well camouflaged can ya find it…?
Well the boats are lining up now for the beer festival, people coming early to “get a good spot” like us. There’s a nice gap behind TT because no-one’s going to moor up alongside this stuff:
Looking the other way there’s just one boat length gap between here and Willington village, not for long probably…!

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