TT ready for a royal visitor

First of all, I am not responsible for any of this, it was Dave who threw them in the trolley Dave who put them up:
Zooming in on the luxury bunting, it cost £1.94 for 2 strips, we don’t do things by halves tha’ knows…
Yes cheapskates we may be, but we tried to get some more so they’d reach to the front of the boat, but there were none left. (So we ended up doing it by half anyway). I mean anyone would think there’s something important happening this weekend…
And here the royal visitor is…
We must be “on his patch,” he always seems to time his visits when we’re having tea, must be able to smell the tripe and cow’s heel…
We also had some other visitors yesterday, Phil and Sally off nb Ella moored up next door in the only space available, no not the one behind us with all the vegetation in the way… The one in front – that’s the only viable mooring space between here and Willington that’s empty. Hmm, I wonder why…
So we had a great night, Dave the chef cooked a grand meal (it wasn’t tripe and cow’s heel , honest), meantime the wine flowed and the area was filled with guffaws of laughter. That’s one of the perks of blogging I suppose! Like minded people who’ve only known each other in the virtual world get on well in real life too. I’ve always found that when we meet up with folks out on the cut, we’re all on the same wavelength. Not only about boating, but the general philosophy of life itself, and how to make the most of it…
They set off today to moor up at Mercia for a week while they go visiting folks. So we’ve said we’ll meet up again before they move on…

2 thoughts on “TT ready for a royal visitor

  1. thanks for a great evening and the food brill Dave done us proud. hope to see you again soon


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