There’s more ways than one to make a horrible day

First of all, the obvious one yesterday – the weather, but it didn’t really matter because we were all huddled inside our boats watching the Queen´s pageant – or TRYING to…
About 3pm we discovered this rather strange looking steel hull boat, (moored up behind us) had broken loose at the back and the front rope was decidedly slack. It looks nicely pinned down at the front in this photo, but only about a quarter of the rope is visible. Which meant it had enough slack to reach us…
So Dave goes out in the rain to tie up whoever’s boat it was…

But it must’ve been surrounded with a protective layer of dog poo. He came back looking bedraggled and (probably smelly), so he left his trainers outside – till he got chance to dig it all out and cleanse with anti-bac. He reckons it’s magnetic dog poo. Invisible but deadly…
Anyway, back at the pageant I had the camera handy while we tried to watch it on TV, (was looking out for Indigo Dream), and got these two half decent photos of the narrowboats…
Quite good these considering they’re on a telly, could´ve lied and said we were there…
Total BBC coverage of the narrowboats was a bit of a let down, would’ve watched it on Sky News if we’d known, it couldn’t have been worse! The focus on them must’ve lasted all of two minutes, that’s between thick presenters talking about cakes and who’s was the biggest…
Later on, we heard a boat struggling on the canal – very close to us. I wasn’t going outside to take a photo…
Then, CLANG  full on into the bow…
Couldn’t believe what I could hear myself shouting at the time…!
Dave went out front and tried to give some calm advice, meanwhile I’m (still shouting) from the back. “Should’ve put it in reverse soon as you saw the front end going you stupid b*gger, there was plenty of room for god’s sake.” (That was the nice version).
He said he was trying to moor up in front of us (yeh right), then Dave had to point out there wasn’t anywhere near enough room. Thing is, if he wasn’t a competent / confident driver what the hell was he doing out in that weather…? Beggars belief. I might have actually felt sorry for the guy if common sense had prevailed – in advance of even setting off…
We’ve noticed that most hire boaters know what they’re doing and follow the rules of courtesy, so it’s not fair to tar them all with the same brush. But for those who don’t have a clue, and go out in this weather without some guidance, losing control is almost inevitable…
We’ve also noticed one particular firm of hire boats are the most popular when it comes to causing mayhem. The boat that clanged us is one of theirs. Lack of instruction perhaps…? Couldn’t be bothered…? It beggars belief that none of their boats have doors at the front! Novices wanting to sit on the teensy tiny bow would have to walk the plank down the gunnels… 
I think the final straw yesterday was when Dave’s reading glasses fell to bits in his hand. He was only putting them on so he could clean every atom of shit off his trainers…

4 thoughts on “There’s more ways than one to make a horrible day

  1. Hello nb Ella,

    Does feel a bit like that when it's your home they're crashing into..

    I mean get someone parking on their friends drive & simply squashing a flowerbed. The friend wouldn't be best pleased about that. And it's such a piddling thing..!

    PS: We kept a look out & saw Ella on our way back in the marina..

    Hope you're both ok & that all went well,



  2. I remember a time when learning to “drive” a narrowboat was something you had to be able to master within the first day of the holiday. I had to look good for the kids.

    In reality there was so much to try and get your head around. You were relieved to find an empty section of canal and I would always give way to any other boat.

    Now, whenever I see someone who is a newbie I try and give a bit of encouragement and advice. Been there done that.

    As long as they are not arseholes.



  3. He shouldn't have been on the move in those conditions.

    And he was pissed as a fart…

    Have since heard on the grapevine that company hands out a DVD for the hirers to watch instead of hands on instruction.

    So if it isn't compulsary to watch, which it isn't. Some newbies might think it's easier than it looks & don't go looking for a quiet section of canal to practice on.

    We got lucky, some friends we know with a widebeam taught us well. Even so, our first time out on our own we bumped into a massive lump of stone that juts into the canal at Rufford – it's the remains of a bridge. Dave slammed her in reverse – but it was too late..

    Big lesson learned when in a tight space! Fortunately there were no other boaters around to see this spectacular botch up. Except a bunch of gongoozlers..

    (Thats when you wish there were ejector seats).

    Hasn't happened since, & we went out & about for 2 years before the bow thruster was fitted.



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