Winter in June

Yes, it’s time to stoke the fire up and get your winter woollies out again folks. I don’t know,, where has this year gone…? Winter seems to “come round” so quickly these days, we’ve had no summer at all, and it’s November June already. I thought the Olympics were on this year but they must’ve forgot…
It’s enough to make you wonder if the gloomy weather outlook is now dictated by the gloomy economic climate. “A crisis within the atmospheric depression” on both counts…
It all makes sense when put that way – stick it where the sun don’t shine…
But that ball of fire in the sky still shines down on the righteous wankers (sorry) thieving bankers and their bonuses. So stick them on the “most wanted” list of criminals and RAIN them in. It’s all their fault…
Rant over//
So on a brighter note:
Seven baby swanlets and two baby cootlets all in the same photo…
Immune to crappy weather conditions – bless ‘em…
PS: Was great to meet up with the crew of nb Lola last night for a drinky poos or three…

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