And work begins

Just over a week ago, we filled out a “marina survey.” One of my suggestions for improvements was to hurry up building the pub / restaurant. And the other was an answer to the question: What kind of shops would you want in the shopping mall?
It’s further away from us than it looks, which is good when it comes to noise…
Yesterday the white van man men arrived, they’re either driving pilings in, or making holes to fill in later. It may be a long time before it’s finished, but work’s begun. Letting my imagination run away for a moment, and it often does…
Serious conversation in the office after processing the survey results: “It’s been a few days now lads, so we’d best grant TT Heth’s wish & look lively about it.”
Meanwhile back in the real world: Of course TT Heth has nothing to do with it at all. (Really). And it’ll take a fair while before we see The Lighthouse appear. MASSIVE job…
Bemused geese evicted from their home, NO DON’T COME THIS WAY…
In summary then: Time your surveys carefully and you might feel like you’ve had some influence, even though you definitely haven’t…

2 thoughts on “And work begins

  1. Ha! I tweeted about a leaking feeder on the Chesterfield canal and within weeks it was being seen to. Obviously it was planned yonks before my tweet but stil … blog post


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