Nope, not going to say anything more about it

New set top box and new TV, connected to Wi Fi, with somebody´s daft blog on display…
This is a crap photo compared to what’s on screen, don’t think I dare say it, the {digital} camera can’t take the clarity…

5 thoughts on “Nope, not going to say anything more about it

  1. Greetings

    First congratulations on mastering the demand electronics but I think you will meet your Waterloo
    with the DAB radio. Still if you get the better of it I hope you will publish your technique



  2. Will do chuck, Dave's messing with it now. He's got it working outside, now trying to keep it that way inside the boat!

    Will blog about it tomorro & take some piccies too because it'll explain it better.



  3. Greetings M&M,
    Trust thee to “tune” into how daft that “sounds.” There seems to be some “white noise” when it comes to clarification.

    I decided to “channel” it all together with a photo “purely” for clarification as to which buttons / dials & various other nobs should be played with. :-O

    Is's not a particularly pretty looking thing (the radio) & wouldn't warrant a photo under normal circumstances.
    However when one is sharing one's “profound knowlege” on the matter, (no tittering please) a drawing of mine would only complicate the appearance of nobs & dials even more..


    PS: They've got a mime act on at 5pm.


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