Yesssss, we booked our flights to Germany a couple of days ago! We’re going to stay with our son Liam and his family in August for 10 days (while he’s “on leave” for a month). It will be our third summer visit there to treasure, with them…
Can’t wait! The last time we saw them was Christmas when they came over here. Precious memories and lots of photos. I won’t bore you with a family album, so here’s just a sprinkling of a family with very special ties:
Liam’s wife, Maddy and Ryan our grandson…

Dad Liam and little lad Ryan…Little ún was teething at the time, so chewing on his sock was a good idea…

Dave, son and grandson…
An empty cola bottle was much more fun to play with than a million Christmas presents.
Rosy cheeks and naughty teeth…
Me and the little tinker…
I know we’ll have a wonderful time, and we won’t think about our last day there. But it’s something that, as proud parents of a British soldier, we have to prepare for. It’ll be very difficult this time. He goes on another 6 month tour of duty in October, and not being able to see all three of them at Christmas will be unthinkable. But we all have to deal with that…
Thankfully Maddy has a wonderful family in Germany to be there and support her. Wish we could do that from here, it’s not the same. But she’s strong and has done it before…
Anyway, that’s enough, I’m getting all mawdlin…
HAPPILY though, it won’t stop us having some dam good fun together when we get there. In fact, I think if you’ve got the right mind-set, good times together are enhanced, almost magical under the circumstances. We don’t even count down the days…!
…Except for the next 6 weeks Smile

2 thoughts on “GOING TO SEE OUR SOLDIER!

  1. Oh those hot cheeks!! Some strong teeth coming through there! He's gorgeous…. Dad's lovely too! Heart, head, thoughts and prayers with you all. Nope, don't have another email (technophobe!) but will send another and hope it gets through. Has yours changed? If so, I always have to send cyber handshake for some reason?! xA


  2. Hi A,

    I've kept leaving messages on the blog – only way to contact you. It's definitely an AOL problem, known to be “buggy” it won't even let me reply to any emails you've sent me.
    How's about trying Googlemail? It's free & easy to use.

    Here's a link to set up an account:

    I'm only just catching up with comments now because the new marina wi-fi here isn't perfik yet. Had to work out a way round that. Like now! Nice & fast tho, but thats not the point lol.

    Hope you're ok,



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