Travel agent’s nightmare, welcome to midsummer in the UK

a) We all know about it, foreign people’s might not.
b) Wimbledon’s on.

So to set the scene, from 10am this morning we got a month’s worth of rain in 4 hours, including a year’s worth of Spectacular thunder and lightening.

Taken from INSIDE the lux con:

Light’s come on everywhere when they think it’s night…
Towers at Willington disappearing…
Towers at Willington GONE…
But not “gone” as in blown up yet — no, we don’t want that.
Lashing down on the front screen///
Well, there was one good thing, we all got a free power wash for the roofs of our boats. Meanwhile (under the hem) even the blacking got cleaned with the force. No need to wheel ‘em out the water here…
Remarkably Wimbledon got off lightly today, it was like being in a different country – now where’s that travel agent…?

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