Hey, it’s Bob the Builder!

This is what I bought today:
Bob the Builder triple pack DVD set…
Bob the builder
And Bob the Builder wooden play tray…
Bob the builder playtray
Guaranteed to provide many hours of fun and laughter aboard TT, blame the recent bad weather for encouraging thumbs to twiddle. It’s red hot today, so it must be mood weather swings…
Back in the real world:
The ironic thing is that the play tray has been shipped from Germany — and in a month’s time it’ll be going back there. Because after I’ve finished with them, they’re both presents for our grandson.
Furthermore they’ll be going in Dave’s suitcase not mine. In fact journey’s abroad mean I have the biggest suitcase, and the remaining third of my stuff ends up in his suitcase anyway. Along with Bob this time…

2 thoughts on “Hey, it’s Bob the Builder!

  1. Well then, we'll see ya over there somewhere. What country would you like to meet up in for a cup o' tea???

    It's a real co-incidence that we're all back here on the same day! Just think we might actually fly over your heads. So keep a lookout for a plane towing a banner with “HELLO SARAH & CHRIS” behind it..

    About the brolly, yeh we did mean to leave it on AM. Under the circumstances, it was too potentially difficult / dangerous to carry all that way back at the time lol.



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