Mercia Marina Spectacular

Continuing from yesterday, the rain stopped just before we set off over yonder for the festival, and the next time it chucked down we were sheltered in a marquee. Well there had to be another cloud fest didn’t there?
Chandeliers in the “tent” they don’t do things by halves here tha’ knows…
And the sun shone down on the {slightly} righteous:
Sarah doing her stuff…
The kids bit…
Some of the craft tents…
Aww bless…
Barn owl…
Little owl…
We were very well behaved, we only went in the beer tent to meet and greet a few peeps we know. However, we did walk round with a bottle of wine and two plastic wine glasses in a shoulder bag. Tut Tut…
On standby just in case anyone fell in after staggering from the beer tent… 


So after the beef burgers were munched, we wandered back and had a drink with Chris and Sarah till the fireworks started. They were spectacular, but the camera was on the wrong setting, so this is the only half decent PHOTO it got…
So the festival survived the weather, the sun was WARM and the showers were few and far between – without any wind it left the air nice and humid. (Same today – it’s been a two day bash). Best you could ask for in July, it is July isn’t it…?

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