Looking at things from a different perspective

OR: “Just for a change”
OR: “Coming at it from a different angle”
OR: It’s a drunken boat…
Can’t decide which phrase best describes this, either way, that’s one heck of a tricky position to moor up in…
Front end at one side…
Back end at t’other…
Altogether now: Put your right leg end in, your right leg end out, blah, blah, blah, and shake it all about; more blah blah’s…
I realise by now you must be asking yourself WHY? Well, the real reason is much more boring. Dave pulled the back end over to treat the other side of the lux con, while I cleaned inside it. Well that’s killed off any potentially exciting or extraordinary explanation nicely hasn’t it…?
However questions and comments from fellow marina comrades ranged from simple open ended one’s such as:
  • “What ya doing Dave?”
  • “Does it get more air through when it’s side on?”
Through to baffled comments such as:
  • “That can of beer must’ve gone straight to my head, I can’t see straight.”
Through to the truly bizarre:
  • “You’re supposed to moor it up straight on one side or the other Dave…”
(Tsk Tsk, don’t be silly…)
Well it’s been 32 degrees HOT here today (ALL DAY), and is set to stay that way for the week. It’s still 31 degrees now, in the shade! Far too nice to sit here blogging…
So you’ll be eternally pleased to know that I’m going to shut up that TT’s not on a skew anymore. Which means I’ll be able to walk down the jetty without falling in, and be a good luck charm for my other ‘arf. He’s sat on the bow, fishing for a great big carp he’s seen floating about…

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