An impromptu tour round a fire station

While we were sat outside the posh pub yesterday, sorry, I mean last week, two fire engines returned to a small fire station down the road.
So Liam and I took the little “Fire engine fan” for a closer look…



Then Maddy joined us, and one of the firemen, gave us a guided tour…
But someone got a bit frightened, and wouldn’t go inside. Think he was overwhelmed by the sheer size of it compared to his toy fire engines, of which there are several…
Liam trying on a helmet slightly different to his own…
So we went outside and watched a flashing light show instead…

Then another fireman came along and gave Ryan a children’s book about fire safety, mainly in pictures with arrows pointing to what to do next in an emergency. Good idea that…
Byee and Danka for taking the time…
The next evening we had a BBQ and Liam invited some of their friends, a couple of other soldiers and their family’s who live a few doors away.
So being patriotic he wore these, but he wouldn’t allow a “full frontal” photo…!
Oh, hang on, just found one, ahem…
He said he wouldn’t wear them beyond the boundary of his garden though…!
Remember the fireman’s helmet? Well here’s the “real deal” back at home…
This is Maddy’s sister. We spent the day at her flat for her birthday party, and it sorta went on all day…!
Yet another present being opened…
Well I think I’ve covered “Germany 2012” on the blog nicely. Our hundreds (more) photos and memories will never be forgotten.
Precious is the word…
Nothing boaty of late for obvious reasons – simply because we have a life outside the boat too. Just a fraction of which is shared on here…

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