The story of the new chimney pot that was not to be

A couple of days ago was “clean the chimney day,” one of those grotty jobs that has to be done from time to time, especially before temperatures plunge for the winter. (That’ll be next week then). So once Dave summoned up the “enthusiasm,” which took a while, he got started.
Note: Aboard this boat anything to do with soot is classed as a man job. So feeling a bit guilty I pretended to be cleaning in the lux con – while sat reading Canal Boat mag.
The original idea after the “sooty show” was to replace the old chimney pot with the nice shiny spare one we’ve had for ages. More on how that turned out later:
Step 1: Remove the old chimney that was stuck fast…

Step 2: Once it’s been yanked off, set to with a wire brush round the collar and clean up the roof after…
Step 3: Pull the fire to bits…
Step 4: Do the Hokey Cokey thing – the flue was surprisingly clean…
Step 5: Prepare to plaster a protective layer of paint on the roof around the collar…
Step 6: End result, bung the new chimney on, and here it is, or,, isn´t…?
Tesco’s finest…
I’ll get straight to the answer to the obvious question here. The intended replacement chimney (featured below) had never been checked for measurements simply because it was a freebie. Kindly donated to us by a friend last year – now we know why. It isn’t big enough to fit round the collar properly. {Little bugger}.


So after measuring up properly, Dave’s just gone round to Midland Chandlers to get a double skin one, (6 ins diameter). Preferably the same as the one he took off…

Aha! 20 minutes later:
PS: Anniversary night was brill, except I wish I hadn’t worn them high heeled shoes to walk to the village and back. Continuing the “theme” here, the soles of my feet are still on fire…

2 thoughts on “The story of the new chimney pot that was not to be

  1. Nope, don't like curry, so the innards were not affected & the toilet remained pure in spirit & sole, sorry, soul.

    Update: The feet are now cured of any impediment & are available for walking on once again. Ahem, dare I say normal??

    Bit boring but true..


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